During regular business hours, a Guest Pass must be purchased at the Campus Recreation Member Services or Fleming Field Annex Building Member Services.

A Guest Pass is $10.00 per visit and is valid for one-day's access to all Campus Recreation facilities. The guest pass receipt must be presented upon request.

The guest must be accompanied by the current Campus Recreation member (Sponsor) for the duration of the guest's stay.

The sponsor must present a valid UNL ID. The guest must present a government-issued photo ID, i.e. driver's license. Children under the age of 15 are not required to show a photo ID, but must have a guardian present with them at all times while using Campus Recreation Facilities.

Both the sponsor and guest are required to sign a UNL waiver form.

The sponsor will be held responsible for their guest's actions. Both are required to follow the General Policies.

A guest is not authorized to check out equipment for use in the facilities; however, the sponsor may check out equipment for their guest.

A Campus Recreation Member's dependent (child) age 15 years or younger need not purchase a guest pass, but must be included on membership application to have access to facilities. If the child is not on the membership application then the guest pass must be purchased. Please stop by the Campus Recreation Member Services to add dependents.

Mission Statement:

Campus Recreation is committed to enriching the educational experience by promoting lifelong healthy living. We are dedicated to celebrating differences, providing active and innovative recreational opportunities, cultivating a community of supportive relationships, and developing global leaders.