Advisory Council

Advisory Council

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The purpose of the Campus Recreation Advisory Council (CRAC) is to provide an opportunity for student, faculty, and staff involvement and program advisement. The Council is charged with the responsibility of:

  • Hear cases, judge the validity, and decide the appropriate action to be taken on all decisions appealed to it from the Director of Campus Recreation.
  • Advise the Campus Recreation staff as to changes in the interpretation of rules and policies governing specific Campus Recreation programs.
  • Assist in developing Campus Recreation’s fiscal year budget requests.
  • Serve as a sounding board for all Campus Recreation programs and services.
  • Advise the Campus Recreation staff of needed additions/improvements to recreational sports facilities; and
  • Other duties as assigned by the Director of Campus Recreation.

Join the Advisory Council

Recruitment for the 2023-2024 council is OPEN! Applications will be accepted through March 21st, 2023. All university students paying University Program and Facilities Fees (student fees) are eligible to apply.

Apply to the Advisory Council

2022-2023 Members

Executive Committee

  • President

  • Vice President/Treasurer

  • Secretary

Graduate Student Representative

  • Bethany Meyers

Undergraduate Student Representatives

  • Trevor Deboer
  • Rachel Dierks
  • Daven Eidem
  • Jordyn Fiddelke
  • Ethan Forcade
  • Carter Jensen
  • Jaiden Nelsen
  • Ciara Nelson
  • Kelbie Schnieder
  • Sophia Thomas
  • Trinity Thompson

Faculty/Staff Representatives

  • Staff Representative

    Kelcey Buck
    Special Education & Communications Disorders, CEHS

  • Staff Representative

    Derek McConnell
    Conference Services, Student Affairs

  • Faculty Representative

    currently vacant


  • Associate Director

    Zac Brost

Ex Officio

  • Director of Campus Recreation

    Amy Lanham