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Media Policy

Media Policy

Flag football team huddles during a game at Mabel Lee Fields

Photo and Video Recording Regulations

Campus Recreation strives to model a welcoming and supportive environment by promoting a culture of inclusion, respect, and wellbeing. To support this effort the following guidelines, apply to those seeking to take photos and/or video footage in Campus Recreation facilities and spaces.

Unwanted recording, photography, and other multimedia of patrons are not permitted in Campus Recreation facilities. Employees of Campus Recreation reserve the right to monitor multimedia activity and regulate/restrict it as they see fit.

Student Photo and Video Policy

Currently registered students may shoot photos and videos in Campus Recreation facilities and spaces that include the Campus Recreation Center, Recreation and Wellness Center, Outdoor Adventures Center, and outdoor fields and spaces. If equipment outside a cellphone is being used, such as tripods, lighting, and/or larger cameras, submit a media request.

Students are encouraged to submit a media request at least 48 hours in advance to ensure support from Campus Recreation staff and space availability.

Media Request Form

If the student is found to be violating any of Campus Recreation facility and/or guest policies or causing a disturbance, they still are asked to stop.

Outside Media and Guest Policy

University Communications offers a variety of services to outside entities. Media and guests should contact University Communications to start a project and facilitate photography and video shoots. University Communications will review requests and provide approval if appropriate.


If photos/video are taken of students and/or members utilizing spaces and their faces are prominently displayed, the patron(s) should be asked if they approve of their photo/video footage to be used. Patrons should be notified of the intent of photos/video (classwork, marketing, social media, online, etc.). If a Campus Recreation staff member is available in the facility or space being used, they should be notified of the use of photography and videography.

Youth Activities Policy

Campus Recreation adheres to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Youth Activities Policy, whereas parent(s) or legal guardian(s) give permission for photos of children to be used in promotional media. For further information view the Youth Activities Policy.

Locker Room, Changing Room, and Restroom Restrictions

In accordance with Nebraska Statue 28-311.08, it is unlawful for any person to knowingly intrude upon any other person without his or her consent in a place of solitude or seclusion. This includes the locker rooms, changing rooms, and restroom areas of Campus Recreation facilities.