Fitness & Mind/Body Classes

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Fitness Class Descriptions

Group Fitness: Cardio

Cardio Core Your favorite hard core session combined with 30 minutes of simple cardio combos choreographed to music to create a complete workout. The level of intensity is what you make it!

Cardio Dance If you like Zumba® & Hip Hop, you’ll love Cardio Dance! This class provides continuous cardio using a combination of current music & high energy dance moves.

Cardio Kickboxing This high-energy class combines cardio with boxing to provide a full-body workout. Feel empowered as you jab, cross and kick.

Turbo Kick Get a full body workout by combining kickboxing, dance, and high intensity movements into 50 minute session.

ZUMBA® Easy to follow dance steps, body sculpting movements, & pulsating Latin & International music produce a dynamic, exciting, & effective fitness system.

Cycling Enjoy the cardiovascular and low-impact benefits of cycling. Our cycling classes vary from 45–60 minutes & involve cardio challenges, hills and endurance segments at varying speeds and resistance.

Group Fitness: Strength

Barbell Strength Build strength & muscle using barbells, plates & the bench. Take your training to the next level by blasting all major muscle groups in a powerful strength session!

Booty Camp Target your glutes with a quick but challenging workout designed to help strengthen and build your lower body using a variety of new equipment and exercises.

Hard CoreStrengthen your complete core: abdominals, back, hips and glutes. A strong core will help improve everything from your balance to sports performance. Core training is the perfect way to top off any workout.

Total Body Tone This session targets every major muscle group using weights, stability balls, gliders, & resistance tubes, spending extra time focusing on the core muscles.

TRX® Want to test your balance and recruit new muscles with each workout? TRX targets the entire body using suspension straps and is sure to be a new challenge!

Roll With It In this 45 minute class, we will be working to reverse the problems that can occur from inactivity throughout the day. Starting by strengthening commonly weak areas to enhance performance and posture in everyday living and then hopping on a foam roller to roll out commonly tight areas in order to loosen them and get the body prepped for the week ahead.

Group Fitness: Fusion

Cycle Strength Fusion Can’t decide between strength or cardio today? This class blends the two in order to help you be efficient with your time and enjoy the benefits of a well-balanced workout of strength AND cardio. Spend half the class chasing your fitness goals on the bike while the second half you build strength off the bike utilizing dumbbells.

Cardio Sculpt The ultimate cardio & strength workout! Incorporates interval training to keep your heart rate elevated & gives you a full body strength workout at the same time. Meant for those looking for a challenge. Come ready to work!

HIIT Kettlebell (High Intensity Interval Training) Reap the benefits of kettlebell training, such as strengthening tendons and ligaments to make joints tougher to reduce the risk of injury! Kettlebell training is a great way to incorporate both cardio and strength by performing whole body movements in one workout.

HIIT Strength (High Intensity Interval Training) Take your workout into overdrive with this high intensity interval training session focused on building strength & cardiovascular endurance!

Group Fitness: Water

Aqua Enjoy the safe, effective, and challenging water-based workout that integrates full body movements through the combination of strength training, muscular endurance, and flexibility. Jump into the water for a fun workout!

Mind•Body: Yoga + Pilates

Barre This unique class uses the barre and is designed to challenge muscles you didn’t know you had. Think lots of tiny repetitions that create a more beautiful you!

Beginner's Yoga New to yoga? Beginner’s Yoga is the perfect class to start. You’ll receive an introduction to basic breathing patterns and movements and relax your entire body.

Candlelight Flow The perfect way to end your day: candles, mellow music and movements to unwind you.

Flex & Flow Yoga This flow style class incorporates strength, stretching, balance & mindfulness for a complete yoga experience.

Power Flow Yoga A vigorous approach to flow-style yoga. Syncing both movement and breath, you will flow smoothly from one pose to another while creating a focus like you’ve never experienced before.

Relax & Recharge Yoga Relax, renew and replenish your body, mind and soul. A class not to be missed in our busy world.

Twist & Balance Yoga Designed to take students to the intermediate level. More advanced postures and sequences are introduced, requiring a bit more strength, stamina and flexibility.

Vinyasa Yoga Work on the power of inhaling and exhaling as you move through the flowing Vinyasa movements and decompress your mind and body.

View these short introduction videos of many of our classes to determine the best class for you.

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