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A Brief Alcohol Abuse Prevention and Harm Reduction Program for College Students

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CHOICES is an empowering alcohol abuse prevention and harm reduction program designed specifically for college students. Through an interactive journaling process, CHOICES guides students on a journey of self-reflection, encouraging them to make informed decisions about their alcohol.

Program Goals:

  • Empower students with accurate information about alcohol.
  • Increase students' awareness of the risks associated with excessive consumption.
  • Equip students with a range of coping strategies to manage their alcohol safely.
  • Encourage students who chose to drink to make conscious choices about their alcohol use.

Key Features:

  • Interactive journaling format –  Students actively engage with the program by journaling their thoughts, experiences, and decisions related to alcohol use.
  • Peer-lead and personalized – With the help student peer facilitator student progress through the program, tailoring it to their individual needs and experiences.
  • Emphasis on harm reduction – CHOICES recognizes that not all students will abstain from alcohol use, and instead focuses on minimizing the potential harms associated with their choices.

Target Audience:

CHOICES is designed for college students of all ages and backgrounds, regardless of their current alcohol patterns.

Program Benefits:

  • Reduced alcohol consumption – Studies have shown that CHOICES participants significantly reduce their alcohol intake.
  • Increased awareness of risks – CHOICES participants gain a deeper understanding of the physical, emotional, and social risks associated with excessive alcohol.
  • Improved coping skills – CHOICES participants develop a variety of coping strategies to manage stress, anxiety, and other emotions without resorting to alcohol.
  • Greater self-awareness – CHOICES participants gain a deeper understanding of their own motivations and decision-making processes related to alcohol.

Program Implementation:

CHOICES can be implemented in a variety of settings, including individual counseling sessions, group workshops, and online platforms. The program is typically delivered over an hour and a half.

For more information, contact Jon Gayer at or (402) 472-2583.