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Intramural Captain/Managers Information


The Team Captain/Manager is the contact person between the team and Campus Recreation. A dependable manager is necessary for a team or an organization to compete successfully in Intramural Sports. Matters concerning the team are communicated to the manager and he/she in turn is responsible for passing the information on to the team members. Information sent out by Campus Recreation should be read carefully and followed by appropriate action. Each manager should also see that the members of his/her organization are given the opportunity to read and interpret all pertinent communications. To expedite communication, Campus Recreation has developed this web site for Intramural Managers. This web site gives all the necessary information to manager needs to effectively do the job. Managers and players are urged to bookmark this site and use it frequently.


Captain/Manager's Responsibilities

  1. Submitting entries on time.
  2. Attend scheduled captain's meetings for major team sports. Captain's meeting information will be provided at the time of registration. Captains may represent only one team per division (Men's, Women's, Co-Rec). For example, a fraternity captain may only represent ONE fraternity team if multiple teams are registered. However, the fraternity captain may represent his ONE fraternity team and ONE co-rec team. Once a captain has attended a meeting, s/he will be considered "certified' and will not be required to attend any subsequent meetings for the remainder of the semester. Captains must be 're-certified' each academic year.
  3. Knowing eligibility rules, individual sport rules, and forfeit rules.
  4. Checking mailbox/email/web page  at least once per week.
  5. Informing team members of game times.
  6. Arranging reschedules with opposing manager and IM staff.
  7. Providing necessary assisting people (scorekeepers) as needed.
  8. Checking to see that all university points are calculated correctly.
  9. Submitting protests by 1:00pm the day following the contest.
  10. Making sure that contestants are checked-in at the playing site 15 minutes prior to contest start time with current UNL photo ID.
  11. Informing the Intramural Sports staff of a contact telephone number and e-mail address throughout the year.
  12. Making sure that team captains check the scorecard before leaving the playing site to ensure that the final score, player's names, and winner are recorded correctly.
  13. Assist in identifying teammates who may be involved in incidents