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Appeal Procedure and General Guidelines

A person, team, club or other organization may appeal the decision of the Assistant Director (or his/her designee) to the Associate Director and/or Director by notification in writing within 5 weekdays if the date of the written notification of suspension from the Assistant Director.
NOTE: Individual programs may have intermediate appeal procedures. Be sure to check the appropriate handbook or with the Assistant Director. Additionally, final appeal from the decision of the Director may be made to the Campus Recreation Advisory Council (CRAC). Written notice of appeal must be made within 5 weekdays of the date of the written notification of suspension from the Director. Written notification must be made to the president of CRAC at least one week prior to the meeting concerning the suspension. The President may delay the hearing to ensure council members are prepared. The hearing shall occur at regular scheduled CRAC meetings and suspensions remain in effect until CRAC handles the final appeal. The CRAC hearing shall adhere to the following agenda/procedure:


  1. Introduction of all in attendance by President or other officer.
  2. Description of event/history to the date by Assistant Director or designee.
  3. Reports by Campus Recreation employees (i.e. officials, supervisors).
  4. Response by Applicant(s).
  5. Reports by witnesses and representatives.
  6. Comments/questions by CRAC members.
  7. Additional comments by witnesses/representatives.
  8. Additional comments by Campus Recreation employee(s).
  9. Additional comments by Appellant(s).
  10. Closing comments by CRAC President or officer.

General Appeal Guidelines

  1. The Appellant(s) may be may be represented by a maximum of 3 people, one of whom shall be designated as the spokesperson for the group.
  2. Members of the opposing team or party may also be represented be a maximum of three people, one of whom shall be designated as the spokesperson.
  3. All pertinent materials such as scorecards, incident reports, police reports, and other documentation must be brought to the hearing. Additionally, copies of this material should be distributed to CRAC at least one week in advance of the hearing for this review.

Everyone at the hearing is allowed two opportunities to speak. At the beginning of the hearing, the CRAC President will familiarize those in attendance with these procedures and ask everyone to respect the rights of others by adhering to the agenda and NOT responding spontaneously to testimony or reports. Failure to abide by the agenda and/or conduct oneself in a respectful manner towards other may result in additional suspensions and/or a halting of the appeal procedure. Reports/comments by the parties should be uninterrupted and everyone should be afforded courtesy and respect.

The President's closing comments shall include a general statement of what possible action may be taken by CRAC and when the Appellant(s) will be notified of the decision by writing. Everyone, other than CRAC members, shall leave the room prior to discussion and vote by CRAC.

CRAC shall reach a decision by a majority vote of the members present but a minimum of more than half of the members present must be in attendance before the hearing can be conducted. The CRAC President or his/her designee shall inform the spokesperson for the Appellant(s) and the other parties of CRAC's decision within 5 weekdays following the date of the hearing. The decision of CRAC is final and not appealable unless a party can point to serious flaws in the administration of the final hearing, which jeopardized the fairness of the proceeding. A record of CRAC proceedings shall be maintained foe a minimum of thirty (30) days.

Mission Statement:

Campus Recreation is committed to enriching the educational experience by promoting lifelong healthy living. We are dedicated to celebrating differences, providing active and innovative recreational opportunities, cultivating a community of supportive relationships, and developing global leaders.