From 1969

Making Waves

To 2021

The Nebraska Rowing team is working as hard as ever to bring out our best as student athletes. There are big plans taking hold in our program, made possible by guidance from a handful of dedicated Alumni, generous contributions from Friends of Nebraska Rowing, our coach, and plenty of sweat from our crew. We just celebrated 50 years of Nebraska Rowing this Fall!

The team is excited for construction of a new boathouse facility at Pawnee lake. The project includes a new building to be shared between the crew and the Nebraska Game & Parks, which provides a space for the crew to store equipment during the winter. The new facility will also house indoor exercising equipment so that the team can continue to train and improve on and off the water. There is a newly constructed fenced storage area the crew has already begun using for holding their shells and oars during the season. A new dock is scheduled to be put in next Spring, which will provide easier (and drier!) access to the water for launching on chilly mornings.

Many of our Nebraska Rowing Alumni were able to come out to Pawnee Lake to Celebrate 50 Years of Nebraska Rowing. This picture was taken as one of the mixed eights is returning after being out on the water for the Alumni Row. The new dock will be located along this bank and the boathouse just behind it. Construction of the new boathouse is currently underway!

We are excited for what's coming!

Row! Big! Red!