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KristenIn June 2017, Kristen was trying to make healthy lifestyle changes but struggling with consistency and results. As mother to a young son, Kristen wanted to change her lifestyle to keep up with the energy of her 3-year-old and nurture his desire for adventure. She knew she would need to change some of her habits and try something completely different than she had in the past, but Kristen was up for the challenge.

The Fit+Fueled community played a huge part Kristen's journey to becoming healthier. "The entire Fit+Fueled team has been wonderful to work with. They are supportive and steadfast in their attempts to help you achieve your goals." Through the program, Kristen has lost 20 lbs. and a total of 24 inches. Kristen says, "My journey isn't over but I know with the tools and strategies that I have gained from the Fit+Fueled program, anything is possible."

It’s not a weight-loss diet. It’s not a 30-day challenge. This is a lifestyle change. And our incredible team of specialists will help you make it stick.

You are not alone if you’ve tried it all and it hasn’t worked. You’re meant to move and you’re meant to eat (real food, not just juices, pills, or meal-replacement shakes). The keys to success are finding movements you enjoy, daily fuel through delicious foods and a supportive group challenging you to live your best life. Put the brakes on the diet roller coaster and stop the negative body talk. Join our community of people who want to lose weight, gain confidence and make meaningful life-long changes.

What are others saying?

" The program provides for me a regular commitment to exercise. The fitness class is definitely worth my time because I'm seeing changes in my muscle strength and tone."

"I have gained confidence! Confidence in my ability to exercise without hurting myself. I learned proper exercise form and made progress in my strength and ability."

"I appreciated the instructor's knowledge and encouragement. Actually, all participants were very encouraging to each other. They made it fun to come to exercise class in the morning."

"Encouragement from other members of this program keeps me going. It is a good, fun way to be held accountable to reaching your goals. Made some great friends! [Instructors] Jenna and Amanda make it fun, but push us to do more than we think we can."

What is Fit + Fueled?

  • A step-by-step program providing guidance and accountability on your journey to become healthier and feel better (for the rest of your life!).
  • A community of other individuals with similar goals to empower you through your journey
  • A team of professionals who want to see you succeed; including a registered dietitian, an exercise specialist and a personal trainer
  • A commitment to your body and mind to start your diet-free journey to living better forever.

Often, you finish a challenge and quickly revert back to old habits. You are encouraged to continue with additional sessions until you are ready to roll on your own.

What is included in each Fit + Fueled session?


  • Two instructor-led fitness classes each week
    • Burn calories + fat, gain muscle and break a sweat in these fitness classes crafted with your personal goals in mind. Classes are open to Fit + Fueled participants only.
  • Crafted specifically for you based on your individual needs + goals


  • A Nutrition Consultation
    • Gain insight into your lifestyle, goals, and challenges related to nutrition and get personalized advice. This consultation helps the team craft your plan.
  • Weekly Fueled series
    • Learn about the interwoven relationship between your body and food, the benefits of food as fuel and how to cook it.
    • Includes nutrition-focused lunch-and-learns each week, one hands-on cooking class, plus weekly individual nutrition check-ins (in person, online, or over-the-phone)

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