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Campus Rec Goes Green!

Campus Recreation Sustainability Efforts

Campus Recreation has been active in sustainability efforts at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln since Fall 2007. Below are a few highlights of initiatives at Campus Rec:

  • Recycling Grant from the Department for Environmental Quality - We were awarded this grant in Summer 2008 to begin a recycling program within Campus Recreation facilities. The grant has allowed us to purchase recycling containers and begin collections and weight measurements of recycled materials. We have also implemented recycling at all Nebraska volleyball matches.
  • Campus Recreation Now Purchases Sustainable Products When Possible. - Custodial operations has switched cleaning and paper products. Green office supplies are purchased when possible. We have remodeled our atrium to the Campus Rec Center with sustainable furniture.
  • More Initiatives- Campus Recreation sustainable efforts also include:
    • Education campaign in all facilities to educate customers about general sustainability.
    • Turning off computers and monitors when possible.
    • Shutting off building lights in areas where there is not activity when possible.
    • GET REC'd "GREEN" Zone for exhibitors to display green efforts.
    • Eliminated glass containers from vending machines.
    • Installed low flow shower heads.
    • Campus Recreation staff are encouraged to print minimally.
    • Campus Recreation Sustainability Committee

Other Nebraska Campus Initiatives

Chancellor's Commission on Environmental Sustainability - Because Green Is Complimentary to Red