Lockers and Towels

Lockers may be rented in the women's, men's, and inclusive locker rooms at each facility. Recently-expired locker rentals must be renewed prior to any change or upgrade. Some day-use and coin-operated lockers of various sizes are also an option. Members and guests may use personal locks on "day-use" lockers ONLY. Campus Recreation will provide locks for all other lockers. The charges for lockers vary according to the size of the locker. Keep in mind that you must be a current member to rent a locker, except for at the Outdoor Adventures Center.

Campus Rec Center
Size Dimensions Monthly Fee  
Premium 18" x 15" x 72" $6.50  
Full 12" x 15" x 72" $5.00  
Medium 12" x 15" x 28" $2.00  
Recreation & Wellness Center
Size Dimensions Monthly Fee  
Premium 12" x 18" x 72" $6.50  
Standard 12" x 18" x 36" $3.00  
Outdoor Adventures Center
Size Dimensions Member Monthly Fee Guest Monthly Fee
Medium Z Locker 18" x 18" x 40" $3.00 $8.00 Guest
Bike Locker $10.00 monthly
$80.00 annual
$20.00 Guest monthly
$160.00 Guest annual

A $10.00 refundable lock ($20.00 Bike Locker) and towel deposit is required when renting a locker at any location. Lockers may be rented on a annual year (September -August), academic year (September - May), or for the semester only (Fall, Spring or Summer). If you are a UNL employee using payroll deduction for your locker payment then you must have the annual locker option.

The renewal deadline for annual lockers is August 31 and the renewal deadline for academic year lockers in May 31 of each year. If you rented only for the fall semester the renewal deadline is December 31.

Lockers are cleared immediately after the renewal deadlines and the contents are held for an additional 30 days.

If you decide not to renew your locker, please clear your locker and return your lock and towel to Campus Recreation Center Member Services or the East Campus Activities Building office.

Towel Checkout

Take advantage of our FREE Towel Check-out service. Just visit the Member Services Desk or Towel Check and you can use a towel while you are in the Rec Center. Towels must be returned prior to leaving.

A towel service is provided as part of the locker rental charge. One towel is issued per locker rental, and a soiled towel may be exchanged for a clean one as often as needed. You may receive additional towels at Campus Rec Member Services or the Towel Check-out counter, across from the Fitness room.

Mission Statement:

Campus Recreation is committed to enriching the educational experience by promoting lifelong healthy living. We are dedicated to celebrating differences, providing active and innovative recreational opportunities, cultivating a community of supportive relationships, and developing global leaders.