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Injury Prevention and Care

Injury Prevention and Care

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The Injury Prevention and Care (IPC) Program of Campus Recreation serves those who are injured in Campus Recreation programs and facilities. In addition, IPC serves as a valuable resource to those recovering from injuries by providing education and answers to questions and concerns.

This service is staffed by two full-time Certified Athletic Trainers, a graduate assistant, and over 25 student employees who are trained in first aid and injury care.


The following services are offered for free to all Campus Recreation members:

  • Evaluation and treatment of injuries
  • First aid and emergency care
  • Prevention of athletic injuries
  • Taping (patrons must provide tape)
  • Stretching Techniques
  • Professional referrals

Rehabilitation Services

We’re pleased to offer rehabilitation services at Campus Recreation. Appointments are one hour and can include additional home exercises. This service is available to all Campus Recreation members.

*Must have a physician’s referral prior to first appointment.

Intro Package
consultation + two – one-hour rehab sessions


3 Rehab Sessions

$96 ($32/session)

5 Rehab Sessions

$150 ($30/session)

7 Rehab Sessions

$196 ($28/session)

10 Sessions

$250 ($25/session)


Connect with IPC online to receive advice from our nationally certified athletic trainers. You can ask about any sports injury and treatments.

This service is free and confidential. Your name is never released for any reason. Keep in mind, the advice provided by our athletic trainers in response to your question is general information based on the details provided by you, the client. If the problems persist, we always recommend you seek medical attention.

Students and members are welcome to visit one-on-one with the IPC staff with locations inside the Campus Recreation Center and the Recreation and Wellness Center.


Athletic Training Basics Class

The IPC staff offers a non-credit Athletic Training Basics class each Spring semester. The class covers basic athletic training topics such as the HOPS system; injury evaluation of the ankle, knee, shoulder, head, and neck; taping and stretching techniques; medical emergencies (including diabetic emergencies, asthma attacks, and allergic reactions); and rehabilitation of athletic injuries.

This class is recommended for those interested in sports, recreation, or coaching; wanting more knowledge and confidence in dealing with injuries; or wishing to become an IPC staff member.

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