Campus Recreation Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates and Resources

Campus Recreation

Building Hours

Operations Updates

What to Do Before You Come

  • If you're not feeling well or are experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19 such as cough, shortness of breath, or fever please stay home.
  • Grab your NU ID Card, a towel, water bottle, and any other equipment you might want for your visit.
  • Have on a mask or face covering. The Campus Recreation staff will be wearing masks and we need you to do the same.

What to Expect When You Arrive

  • You will be asked to self-scan your NU ID to ensure limited contact entry.
  • Those in the Safer Community app testing program will need to show their Access Granted
  • Equipment and spaces will be modified to mitigate transmission of the COVID19 virus. Please note various signage, floor markings, equipment modifications and respect these new measures.
  • Campus Recreation staff will be around often to clean equipment between use and may ask that you relocate to a different machine or equipment area to allow for cleaning.

What Amenities Will Be Available

  • Strength Training & Conditioning Spaces
    • Capacity will be restricted, pre-registration is required.
  • Swimming Pool
    • Capacity will be restricted, pre-registration is required.
  • Indoor Climbing Wall
    • Capacity will be restricted.
  • Showers
    • Capacity will be restricted to provide for physical distancing
  • Cardio Zones
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton
  • Table Tennis (Campus Rec Center)
  • Racquetball (Campus Rec Center)
  • Squash (Campus Rec Center)
  • Pickleball (Rec & Wellness Center)
  • Fit Box (Rec & Wellness Center)
  • Group Fitness Classes
    • Purchase of a group fitness pass for $48 is required.
    • Capacity of classes will be restricted, pre-registration is required.
  • Massage Therapy
    • Both parties will be required to wear masks during appointment.
  • Personal Training
    • Both parties will be required to wear masks during appointment.
    • Equipment and space will be limited to the studios.
  • Outdoor Adventures' Rental Equipment (Limited Inventory)
What Is NOT Available*
  • No Guest Passes
  • No Saunas
  • No Cash Transactions

Play Your Part

We are committed to doing everything we can to maintain a safe and healthy environment and we are relying on CDC and local health department guidelines. It is up to all of us to take responsibility in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Please play your part and remember some of these key points as you return to one of our facilities:

  • Stay home if you're sick
  • Bring a towel and water bottle
  • Keep your distance and expect reduced capacity
  • Wipe down equipment before and after use
  • Wash or sanitize your hands frequently

What You Need to Know About...

Student Memberships
  • Students who paid UPF Fees in Spring Semester may access the facilities while adhering to guidelines outlined here.
  • Affiliate, Retiree, and Alumni Memberships
    • Current members may access the facilities while adhering guidelines outlined here.
    Court Activities

    The only court activities that will be permitted are the following:

    • Volleyball
    • Badminton
    • Pickleball (Rec & Wellness Center)
    • Racquetball (Campus Rec Center)
    • Squash (Campus Rec Center)
    • Handball (Campus Rec Center)

    Pick up basketball is offered by reservation only. Capacity is restricted. Play is only allowed during specific time and location of the confirmed reservation.

    Shoot Around Basketball is allowed but limited to two players  per basket. There is no shared equipment.

    Indoor Walking/Jogging Track
    • Running sprints and other forms of high impact training are not allowed.
    Cook Pavilion
    • Only physically distanced activities will be allowed.
    • No pickup soccer or contact sports allowed.
    Strength Training & Conditioning Spaces
    • Online reservations will be taken for the Strength Training & Conditioning room at the Campus Recreation Center and for the first floor at the Recreation & Wellness Center.
    • 50-minute EXPRESS and 80-minute EXTENDED exercise periods will be set to allow for 10 minutes of cleaning between reservations. The area will be completely cleared before the next group is allowed in.
      • Reservations for the following day open each day at noon.
      • Members are limited to one reservation per calendar day across all spaces.
      • A 10-minute no show wait time will be implemented.
      • Walk ins will be allowed after the 10-minute check-in period
    • Patrons will be required to sanitize equipment before and after every use.
    • Only staff members will provide spotting when requested.
    • Strength and resistance bands will not be checked out to patrons.
    • Wall mounted or ceiling fans will not be turned on.

    Additional Program Information

    Ask IPC

    An online question-and-answer service for our nationally-certified athletic trainers to remotely respond to your questions with professional advice. You can ask us about any sport injuries and treatments. Don't know whether you should heat or ice an injury? ASK US! Need relief for pain in your lower back or a nagging injury? ASK US!

    This service is free and confidential. Your name is never released for any reason. Keep in mind, the advise provided by our athletic trainers in response to your question is general information based on the details provided by you, the client. If the problems persist, we always recommend you seek medical attention.

    Submit your questions now.

    Outdoor Adventures
    1. Equipment Rental is available.
    2. indoor Climbing is available.
    3. Local and social distancing recommended adventures:
    4. Submit recommendations to help stir creative home bound or local adventures.
    5. Please do not use this time as a chance to go visit remote parks as they have very limited health care resources. If visitors transmit something like the Coronavirus in these areas the health care system can become maxed out very quickly. Please stay home and find adventures locally.

    All aquatic programs have been canceled

    Youth Activities
    • Summer camps registration is still open at this time
    • All other youth activities have been canceled
    Instructional Classes

    All Instructional Classes will be delivered utilizing remote access and will not meet in-person for the remainder of the semester.

    Fitness & Wellness
    • Group Fitness classes return Monday, June 15. Follow the last information at
      1. Buy your Summer All Class pass now. Buy Now
      2. Reserve your spot in class. Reserve Now
    • Personal Training sessions return Monday, June 15.
    • Massage Therapy services return Monday, June 15. Schedule Now
    • Demo Kitchen services are not offered at this time, for questions, contact
    • Meal-kit meals are suspended until further notice.

    For questions, contact

    Sports Clubs
    • Sport Club activities have been suspended until further notice
    • Some Sport Clubs may receive partial refunds for the dues, contact Brian Stelzer at for more information

    Mission Statement:

    Campus Recreation is committed to enriching the educational experience by promoting lifelong healthy living. We are dedicated to celebrating differences, providing active and innovative recreational opportunities, cultivating a community of supportive relationships, and developing global leaders.

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