Super Circuit

Super Circuit

The Super Circuit is open to all members of the Campus Rec Center and is located in Racquetball Court #1 during specific regular hours and orientation times. All users are expected to read and abide by the Super Circuit Policies.


The main focus is to improve muscular fitness, while also enhancing aerobic fitness simultaneously. The actual workout time is less than 30 minutes. The thirteen stations are designed to work all the major muscle groups in the body. In addition, these exercises work the lower and upper body in an alternating fashion, progressing from the larger muscle groups to the smaller. This may gain the maximum benefit of blood circulation throughout the entire body. The alternating fashion of muscle groups helps prevent possible pooling of blood, which could lead to lightheadedness, dizziness or fainting. The Super Circuit provides you with a simple, time-efficient, non-intimidating total body workout.


All users of the Super Circuit Weight Training room MUST attend an orientation that is administered by a Super Circuit Supervisor before beginning a training program. Please allow 30 minutes for an orientation and come prepared to workout. The orientation will ensure that you:

  • Are assigned an individualized program with the proper rep range, rep speed, and weight loads.
  • Have a beneficial and an enjoyable experience when using the Super Circuit.
  • Gain an understanding the theories of the circuit training and the of equipment:

Please come to the orientation when you are not tired or ill for accurate weight and repetition settings. To receive an orientation appointment visit the Super Circuit in person. You will not be allowed to workout until you have made and received an orientation appointment.

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