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Member Services Equipment Checkout

Sports Equipment and Check-out have all the sports equipment you need to enjoy yourself at the Campus Recreation Center. And most of it costs you NOTHING to check-Out. Available for one day check-Out (indoor equipment) and three day check-out (outdoor equipment) at no cost to our members. We also have rental equipment available for both members and non-members. However, members do receive a discounted rate.

Equipment Checkout is conveniently located in the Campus Rec Center and offers a variety of sports-related retail, rental, and checkout items to enhance the recreational experiences of patrons. Students and members are required to present their NCard to checkout/rent equipment.

One Day Check-Out (#) (indoor equipment):

  • basketballs
  • volleyballs
  • wallyball sets
  • soccer balls (indoor)
  • weight lifting belts
  • table tennis paddles
  • lap counters
  • jump ropes

Three Day Check-Out (*,#) (outdoor equipment):

  • footballs
  • basketballs
  • softball stuff (balls, gloves, bats & bases)
  • frisbees
  • stopwatches
  • flip scorers
  • soccer balls (outdoor)
  • water polo balls

Rental Equipment Cost

Daily Fee with Tax
Racquetball Racquet
Tennis Racquet
Badminton Racquet
Squash Racquet


*For use in Campus Recreation facilities only.
#Rental fee of $5.00 per item/per day will be charged for any item not returned by the designated time. Replacement fee will be charged for excessively damaged, broken, or lost equipment.

Mission Statement:

Campus Recreation is committed to enriching the educational experience by promoting lifelong healthy living. We are dedicated to celebrating differences, providing active and innovative recreational opportunities, cultivating a community of supportive relationships, and developing global leaders.