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Groups and Challenge Course

Groups & Challenge Course

Individuals participate on the alpine tower at the Leadership Training Center.

Challenge Programming offers activities and initiatives to bring your group together in new ways. Our goal is to strategically design a program to enhance leadership, communication and teamwork. High elements, such as the Alpine Tower and Double Tree Diamond, build confidence and trust.

Contact Kyle Hansen with questions and more information or request the Challenge Course for your group below.

Request the Challenge Course

Scheduling & Pricing

Group Type Full Day/Participant Half Day/Participant
UNL Student/RSO/CRec Member $15 $10
UNL Department (No UPFF) $25 $15
Non UNL Affiliated $30-$110 $20-$110
Customized Corporate $45-$110 $30-$110

Group size: Minimum = 10 individuals. Maximum = 50. Groups with fewer than 10 participants may be limited to activities available.

Age: Programming is designed for 12 years of age or older. If you have a younger group, please call to discuss further options.

Scheduling timeline: We ask that you please schedule your program at least two weeks in advance.

Program Type

Every group is unique, with its unique goals for improvement. When scheduling your programming, please consider some of the commonly requested themes listed below. Consider one of these, a combination, or tell us your unique goals.

Fun & Community Building

Time Management

Giving & Receiving Feedback

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Teamwork & Team Building

Collaboration & Cooperation

Conflict Management



Judgment & Decision Making


Trust Development


If your time is limited, programming can be designed for 50 minutes to 2 hours. The focus of this program is fun and getting to know each other. This program is held on campus.


A half day (3 hours) at the Challenge Course begins will fun activities to set the tone for the day and bring the group together. Early activities include get-to-know-you activities, stretching, tag and a progression to activities that require more teamwork and strategy to complete.


A full day (6-7 hours) at the Challenge Course can consist of low elements all day or a half-day program in the morning and then progressing to high elements in the afternoon. High-element options include the Alpine Tower, Double Tree Diamond, Giant Swing by Choice, and the Carolina Straight Wall. Throughout the day, activities will progress, leading to more challenging activities.


This option offers flexibility over time. Whether your group comes multiple days in a row or one afternoon a week throughout the month, your group will have deeper development opportunities. Between programming, your group has time to absorb and process what was experienced and learned each session. Also, programming is designed to progressively build upon the previous experience with fresh activities each session.


If your group is looking to have a fun bonding experience, this may be an option for your group. High-only programming can be half or a full day at the course. High elements include the Alpine Tower, Double Tree Diamond, Giant Swing by Choice, and the Carolina Straight Wall.

Indoor Climbing Wall

If your group is interested in climbing, we have an indoor climbing wall at UNL Campus Recreation. The 2600+ sq. ft. climbing wall is a unique experience that offers numerous climbing routes, an artificial crevice, and a 45-degree overhang. For 2-3 hours, your group can learn technical climbing skills and techniques while incorporating short-duration program themes.

Outdoor Climbing Wall

If your group would prefer to climb outdoors, we have the Carolina Straight Wall located at the Challenge Course. The design of this wall offers a variety of low-angle, vertical, and challenging overhanging terrain for a diverse group. A small platform at the top allows for rappel practice and litter lowers. For 2-3 hours, your group can learn technical climbing skills and techniques while incorporating short-duration program themes.

Course Information

6900 W. Superior St.
Lincoln, NE 68524

(402) 472-4777

Upon arrival, you will find a gravel parking lot. Restrooms and a picnic shelter are available. Water will be provided though participants are encouraged to bring bottles to refill.

What to Wear

The Challenge Course is surrounded by prairie and all activities are held outdoors. Please prepare your group to be outdoors during your time on the course. Sunscreen, close-toed shoes, and comfortable clothing are recommended. Pants or shorts are best for high elements.

What to Bring/Not to Bring

Check the weather the night before you come. You may need sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat. You may also need a pullover, gloves, or a rain jacket. We do provide drinkable water, but you may choose to bring an additional bottled beverage or a water bottle to refill. If your group will be at the course during a meal, please bring a cooler with food. Because we will be active outside, please leave all valuables at home or in vehicles. Cell phones and wallets may be kept at the picnic shelter. You are welcome to bring your camera.

Waivers and Medical Forms

All participants must fill out a waiver of liability form and a medical history form. Please note there is a minor form for those 18 years and younger. If possible, hand in the completed forms before your day at the course or present all completed forms at the beginning of your program time. Our staff will review these before beginning programming to check for signatures and pertinent medical information.

Our Policies
  • Smoking: By University Policy, smoking is prohibited in all areas.
  • Litter: Enjoy the beautiful surroundings and help keep them that way. All litter should be placed in trash cans or recycling containers that are provided or carried out.
  • Pets & Firearms: Neither pets nor firearms are permitted at the Outdoor facility without prior written agreement.
  • Liability Areas: Please do not use any unauthorized areas (play fields, lake, maintenance buildings, or ropes course) without prior authorization and under proper supervision.
  • Alcohol/Drugs: Alcohol is prohibited on all UNL property including all Outdoor Adventure sponsored programs, workshops, and training sessions. Drugs are prohibited unless prescribed by a physician.

Our staff is willing to work in a variety of weather situations, keeping your group's comfort level in mind. If weather conditions become unsafe, we will be forced to cancel the scheduled program. For example, we do not work during thunderstorm warnings, tornado warnings, hail or lightning. Depending on programming, heavy rain may make it unsafe to continue.