Challenge Course

Life is full of challenges. Challenges can be opportunities for personal growth, development and self-discovery. Do more than you ever imagined. Work with a team to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles. Learn when to lead and when to follow.

Challenge Programming at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln offers activities and initiatives to bring your group together in new ways. Our goal is to strategically design a progressive program to enhance leadership, communication and teamwork. High elements, such as the Alpine Tower and Double Tree Diamond, build confidence and trust.

A variety of groups with diverse goals utilize UNL's Challenge Programming. Many university organizations aim to build teamwork and develop their leadership. Athletic teams often strive to build trust and improve communication. Corporate groups further develop by strategizing as a team in fun new contexts. For youth groups, often the day is about fun and getting to know each other better. Visit our Programming page to learn what plan best fits your group's needs.

Challenge your group to be their best. Contact us today to talk about the possibilities.