Campus Rec Advisory Council

The purpose of the Campus Recreation Adivsory Council (CRAC) is to provide an opportunity for student, faculty, and staff involvement and program control. The Council is charged with the responsibility to:

  1. Hear cases, judge the validity, and decide the appropriate action to be taken on all protests and complaints appealed to it from the Director of Campus Recreation;
  2. Advise the Campus Recreation staff as to changes in the interpretation of rules and policies governing specific recreational sports programs and facilities;
  3. Assist in developing the fiscal year budget request and justification for the Office of Campus Recreation;
  4. Serve as a sounding board for all Campus Recreation programs, services, and facilities;
  5. Advise the Campus Recreation staff of additions, improvements, etc. to recreational sports facilities and programs; and
  6. Other duties as assigned by the Director of Campus Recreation.

The Campus Recreation Advisory Council is comprised of six (6) students elected from the division they represent (i.e., Greek, Residence Hall, Off Campus); and three (3) at-large students, one each from the Residence Halls, a fraternity or sorority, and off-campus. Each of the at-large members must have prior participation and involvement in the programs and services offered by the Office of Campus Recreation. At-large members are appointed by ASUN (Association of Students of the University of Nebraska). Elections are held each spring. Students interested in becoming candidates should contact the Office of Campus Recreation in early February. In addition to the student members, one member is appointed to represent each of the following faculty/staff areas: academic/administrative, managerial/professional, and clerical/technical/service.

The Council shall act as an advisory board to the Campus Recreation staff and shall, when called upon, be the final appellate body within the Office of Campus Recreation.


2013-14 Advisory Council Members

Executive Committee
Gabe Ryland, President
Marissa McCormick, Vice President/Treasurer
Valerie Pavlicek, Secretary

Greek Representatives
Jonathan Berger, Phi Delta Theta
Marissa McCormick, Chi Omega
Eddie Walters, Pi Kappa Alpha
Skyler Zeller, Delta Gamma

Off-Campus Representatives
Nate Hubert
Rebekah King
Valerie Pavlicek
Tiffany Weiser

Residence Hall Representatives
Jana Dietsch, Courtyards
Glen Ready, Selleck Quadrangle
Gabe Ryland, Courtyards

Faculty/Staff Representatives
Karen Kassebaum, Education & Human Sciences
LaRita Lang, Computer Science & Engineering
Jim Steadman
, Plant Pathology

Deb Johnson, Associate Director for Development and Communications

Ex Officio
Stan Campbell, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Director of Campus Recreation